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PEI Cold water boots

Premier Equine International

PEI Cold water boots


Cold Water Boots have been developed for use after strenuous exercise to cool, reduce swelling & provide injury prevention. Horses with swelling or injury may also benefit from our Cold Water Boot Therapy.

How To Use Cold Water Boots
  • Activate crystals by soaking in cold water for approximately 24 hours before first use
  • Soak in cold water for approximately 60 minutes before use there after
  • For an extra cold treatment add ice into the bucket of water in which they are soaked or after soaking place in container in the fridge
  • Never freeze the Cold Water Boots
  • Apply for 20 minute periods each session
  • Do not use on cuts abrasions or damaged skin
  • If symptoms persist consult your vet
  • The boots should be hung up to dry out of direct sunlight after use, they may be stored in a bucket of clean water if treatment is required over a few days
  • After initial first use store your boots in a clean dry environment, crystals can be reactivated for further use by soaking for 2 hours

Crystal Technology

The crystals start off as a solid mass, once they have been soaked in water a chemical reaction occurs, which turns the crystals into a gel like substance. The gel fills the sealed pockets within the boot & acts as a soft, cold cushioning layer against the horses leg.

Crystals, which have been soaked in water, transfer cold to the horses leg. The anatomical shape of the boot ensures there is even pressure applied, so that the gel filled pockets remain in contact with the horses leg throughout treatment.

Once treatment has been completed & the boots have dried out, the crystals will return to their previous solid state & require soaking for a further two hours before next use.

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