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PEI Air Trax Eventing Boots Front

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PEI Air Trax Eventing Boots Front


Air Trax Eventing Boots (front) are an innovative new design featuring perforated microfiber leather & maximum shock protection. They can cope with high impact forces thanks to our P.E Polycarbonate strike guard system. Running along the shin area are 2 strike guards designed to protect your horse if they hit any fences. Another strike guard runs down the back of the horses leg protecting the important tendons & ligaments from knocks & over reach injuries. Perforated microfiber leather makes the boots highly breathable, ensuring your horses legs don't over heat in action. Constructed inside with Kevlar & 3D sports performance mesh these boots offer superior strength & protection for any event horse.

Size guide:

Small: 14.0hh - 14.3hh

Medium: 15.0hh - 16.2hh

Large: 16.3hh - 17.3hh

• Shaped to contour the leg & mould around the fetlock area
  without impeding the natural action of a horse galloping or
• A technically advanced 4 layer material system developed to
  protect, cool & provide comfort
• Kevlar under layer for greater shin protection
• 3D sports performance mesh

• Perforated microfiber leather for 360 degree breathability

• Light & flexible
• Will not retain water
• Maximum protection
• Secure fit
• 2 P.E Polycarbonate Strike Guards protecting the shin area
  (both with lifetime guarantee)
• P.E Polycarbonate Strike Guard down back of tendon with
  lifetime guarantee 

Technical Information:
Microfiber leather has been designed & manufactured to our exacting standards. It is stronger than real leather, stretches & moulds to the horses leg and retains its original shape. It has the advantage of being lighter but offering greater protection & the good news is that it is fully machine washable & has excellent durability.

Kevlar is a premium protective fabric with five times the strength of steel based on equal weight. A technical durable fabric capable of absorbing impact & preventing perforations.

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